Moving to Manny


My home town of Milton Keynes is located 153 miles away from Manchester, so I guess you could say moving to Manchester Metropolitan University is a big deal.

It’s one of those major milestones that people always talk about, and consider as one of the most stressful changes in your life.

Well, for me it wasn’t just moving city, and starting university on the 17th September, it was also the day I sat my driving test – talk about stressful!

On Saturday the 17th September, I moved into my new house – Naylor 10 (the party house LOL!)


My New Home – Naylor 10!


Living in a Birley Field Townhouse, entails living with 11 brand new flatmates, all complete strangers. Some may find that daunting, and struggle to adjust to the foreign surroundings.

So, in order to overcome the 1st meeting awkwardness, we put some music on, drank some alcohol (okay, a lot of alcohol), and had ourselves a party! I can now honestly say, after 17 days we’re all extremely good friends!










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